Mar 22, 2014

Free Nutrition Printables & Activities!

By Mama G. LeDish

Have you taken a peek at the free coloring pages and activities available on

In addition to free food coloring pages, we offer a printable version of the Giggle Grower™ Tracker! It’s a fridge-friendly way to keep track of consumption of fruits, veggies, water, activities, and giggles each day! Kids can color the tracker icons throughout the day as they eat. When they’re all colored, let them color Gus and feed the Giggle Grower on their Vivi LeDish account!

It can also be used as a coloring page or classroom activity to discuss what foods and activities help “Grow Your Giggle! Find it in your child’s My Stuff Downloads page (which can be viewed through a Grown Up account where you set up and maintain kids accounts). And print one for yourself to join in the fun!

Food of the Week Certficate

While you’re there, check out the printable certificate designed to reward a child’s accomplishment for trying the Food of the Week! It’s the perfect companion to Fridays with Vivi™and the Giggle Grower!






It is possible to raise kids with healthy relationship to food AND a healthy body image…and have fun in the process. The moms behind Mama LeDish have done it and we’re here to share the journey!

Take the first step and set up free parent and child accounts at a daily, digestible dose of kitchen and wellness education served with a side of giggle! It comes with a free subscription to Fridays with Vivi, a weekly email with recipes and activities you can do with your kids to create a foundation for a fit future.

We highly recommend you purchase the Big Adventure for Little Foodies children’s cookbook. In addition to helping us pay our bills, the cookbook includes a story and activities that help kids understand how healthy choices Grow Your Giggle!™

We can raise healthy kids and have fun doing it!


This site was created by Jonelle Galuska and Nicki Mason.  Jonelle & Nicki are both mothers of three and co-authors of Big Adventures for Little Foodies: Healthy Recipes to Grow Your Giggle.  They co-founded the Grow Your Giggle™ children’s wellness program & the Mama LeDish parent companion blog. They channeled what they learned overcoming their own food addictions and raising their kids into a program designed to help empower the next generation with a healthy, happy future! They created a team of like-minded parents who use the program with success in their own families.

NOTE: All parents on this team are juggling multiple jobs & responsibilities: please excuse any typos (feel free to let us know if you find one we overlooked writing and editing on the go)! The opinions expressed by the bloggers on Mama LeDish are theirs alone and do not represent the opinions of Fifi Delish Holding or its subsidiaries, affiliates, or sponsors. We do not claim to be experts who have all the answers, we’re just sorting through these issues like everyone else. Fifi Delish Holding and its subsidiaries are not responsible for the accuracy of any of the information supplied by the bloggers or the content we share from the web.


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