Mar 07, 2013

Portion Sizes For Kids

By Mama G. LeDish

I love the “My Plate” guidelines released in 2011 by the FDA. I think it’s a great visual aid to help process new recommendations for the proportions of food that should come from each food group. The downside is, it is not as “actionable” for moms like me because it wasn’t released with updated portion sizes to help me make grocery lists. As long as food is sold by weight, I still need some guidelines for buying and serving food.

I have searched high and low to see if these portion guidelines from the now defunked My Pyramid have changed and I can’t find any evidence that they have (please let me know if you have seen something I haven’t!).

After reviewing hundreds of charts with portion sizes for each food group, I think this one provided by Kaiser Permanente is the most straightforward and easy to use (even though it has no graphics-maybe our artist will whip up a cool guide when he has time).


Children's Portion Sizes (Click to Bring Up Printable PDF)

Children’s Portion Sizes (Click to Bring Up Printable PDF)



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