Jan 29, 2015

Super Bowl Recipe Makeovers The Kids Can Make

By Mama H. LeDish

Congratulations!  You survived the holiday season and now it’s time to focus on the biggest game of the year! Both football fans and those watching only for the commercials look forward to the game day snacks.

Super Bowl Sunday isn’t complete without cheese dip, ranch dip, and snack mix.  Check out Vivi’s recipes for healthier, made-over versions of these classics that will satiate both your taste buds and your conscience.

This year consider letting the kids help and make memories that will make the day really special. You may not remember the winning teams from year to year, but you’ll never forget the time spent with your kiddos!

Best of all, the recipes are kid-friendly and super easy with five ingredients or less.  Viva la Vivi!

MOMveeta (Velveeta Dip Makeover)

I believe it might be required by law to serve cheese dip during the Super Bowl.  Now you can enjoy this quintessential game day food the all-natural way. No processed cheese, please.  

CLICK HERE OR THE RECIPE CARD PHOTO TO GO TO RECIPE IN VIVI’S COOKBOOK! You will not believe this is not block cheese..and check out the famous mom who contributed this recipe to our cookbook! This Velveeta recipe makeover is a healthy, fun #recipe to make with #kids.


Yummus (Ranch Make0ver)

A Mama LeDish ORIGINAL, this yum-azing ranch dip is packed with calcium and protein!  You may be tempted to DRINK IT , but we recommend serving a tablespoon or two with veggies or chips.


Mom's secret weapon packed with more protein than its best buddy, hummus. Fun #recipe for #kids.

Gladiator Fuel (Snack Mix Rebrand)

Don’t forget the snack mix – repeat – DO NOT forget the snack mix!  This energy-boosting concoction packs a punch and will fuel the crowd for a long day of cheering (or jeering).


How muscles ... and legends...are made!  Fun #recipe for #kids!

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Keep it real. Keep it fun. Mama LeDish.

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We’re determined not to let the demands of parenting squash the magic of childhood. Join us.

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